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Stamp Collection For Sale

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Stamp Collection for Sale



A great Christmas present for a 10 -16 year old daughter or son.  This is not only a good investment, but a hobby in which the whole family can participate. Collecting stamps will enhance their knowledge of history, geography, geopolitics, environmental concerns and much more.


The collection includes eleven binders containing over thirty thousand stamps, on approximately five thousand custom pages. All stamps are in black mounts, both protecting the stamps and enhancing their beauty.


In addition there are about eight hundred items from the United Nations and the United States, purchased from their respective postal services, still in the original packaging, that I have not yet added to the collection.


Also included are a copy of the software I have used over the years (OLD, DOS based, but functional), the files containing the album pages (MS WORD), Scott catalogues, (both hard and soft copies), watermark reader, and some miscellaneous supplies.


I started this collection with an album given to me by my Uncle when I was fourteen years old. I am now in my seventies, living in Costa Rica and none of my family has any interest in stamp collecting. Here I have no access to stamp collecting facilities or supplies and therefore I have decided to sell the collection.



Method of valuation:


The basises  of valuation are:


Scott 2009 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volumes 1-6

2006 Scott Specialized Catalogue


Values in the catalogs for all stamps with Scott numbers prior to #703 and all back of book issues regardless of country were reduced as follows:



Space Fillers (of which I have very few) are valued at 15% of catalog value

Stamps with average centering are valued at 40% of catalog value

Stamps with fine centering are valued at  75% of catalog value 


Gum Condition:

Mint stamps with hinge remnants are valued at 60% of catalog value

Mint stamps with no gum are valued at 50% of catalog value

Mint lightly hinged stamps are valued at  75% of catalog value


The prior to #703 restrictions is built into the software that I am using and has nothing to do with any philosophy that I hold.


The collection contains:


Eleven binders containing 30,325 Stamps valued at $77,262

One container of mint stamps in original post office packaging containing 818 items valued at $8,633

Total value $85,895.




Detailed information in Excel spreadsheet format is available for download below
I am asking $20,000 (23% of book value adjusted for condition)
The top 20 stamps by value (bottom row of pictures) are worth that!!!
I can be contacted at duane@shiffert.com


click here to download Inventory File